City Municipality

The city of Varaždin is one of the 127 cities in Croatia. The head is the Mayor, elected in direct local elections (May 2021) for a period of four years.

During his mandate, the Mayor is a professional.

As an executive power, apart from the Mayer, the City Council makes decisions as a representative body of citizens and as a local self government.

After the direct local elections, which were held on 30th of May 2021, 21 members of the City Council were elected, also for a period of four years.

Responsibilities of the City

Regulation of suburbs and apartments, regional and urban planning, economy of utilities, children care, primary health care upbringing and education, culture, sport, physical culture, consumers protection, natural environment improvement, civil and fire-prevention protection, traffic, public roads maintenance, issuing building and location licenses

City municipality tasks are divided in FIVE city departments

  1. Department of Mayor Affairs and City Council
  2. Department of Finance, Budget and Public Procurement Affairs
  3. Department of Construction and Communal Affairs
  4. Department of Economic Affairs
  5. Department of Social Affairs