City council

The City Council is the representative body of the citizens of the City of Varaždin and the local self government body that makes official decisions and adopts acts within the scope of the City of Varaždin and performs other activities in accordance with the Constitution, law and the Statute of the City of Varaždin.

The City Council is elected in the manner as laid down by the law.

After the elections held on 19 May 2013, 25 members of the Varaždin City Council were elected. They are elected for a period of four years.

The president of the City Council is Josip Hehet (SDP) and his deputies are Božidar Kolarić (Hrvatski laburisti) and Vlatko Vuković (HDZ). The president represents and presides at the representative body sessions.

The City Council establishes commitees, appoints commissions and other working bodies in order to: consider all the issues on the agenda of city council sessions; to prepare draft decisions and to express its opinions and motions relating to all relevant matters based on the statute.

City council members

  1. Zlatan Avar (independent)
  2. Danijela Benkus (/)
  3. Željko Bunić (HSLS)
  4. Željko Cecelja (HRAST)
  5. Stjepan Cepanec (independent)
  6. Marijan Cingula (/)
  7. Saša Crnčić (HDZ)
  8. Josip Dreven (HNS)
  9. Branko Godinić (HNS)
  10. Zdravko Golub (HDZ)
  11. Josip Hehet (SDP)
  12. Mladen Hižak (HSS)
  13. Ladislav Ilčić (HRAST)
  14. Božidar Kolarić (Hrvatski laburisti-stranka rada)
  15. Anđelko Koprek (HDZ)
  16. Ljubica Križan (SDP)
  17. Jadranka Lukavečki (Hrvatski laburisti-stranka rada)
  18. Laura Musliu (HDZ)
  19. Miodrag Pap (HSLS)
  20. Enriko Parlaj (HNS)
  21. Robert Podolnjak (MOST nezavisnih lista)
  22. Dražen Vincek (/)
  23. Mira Visković (HNS)
  24. Katica Darabuš (HSU)
  25. Vlatko Vuković (HDZ)

Political parties

  1. HNS - Croatian People's Party
  2. SDP - Social Democratic Party
  3. HSS - Croatian Peasant Party
  4. HSLS - Croatian Social Liberal Party
  5. HDZ - Croatian Democratic Union
  6. HSU -  Croatian Party of Pensioners
  7. HRAST - Croatian Growth
  8. Hrvatski laburisti-stranka rada - Croatian Labourists-Labour Party